Where to buy Wedding & Engagement Rings in Lagos?

where to buy wedding rings in lagos

One of the major plans for your wedding process is choosing a nice wedding band. Although, engagement rings seem to be the one that gets the attention. But in the case of getting a wedding ring, it involves you and your partner. It is true that most couples would prefer to get their wedding rings […]

Tips for measuring finger


Tips for measuring your finger Avoid measuring when the fingers are cold, when the fingers are the smallestMeasure when the finger are the largest, towards the end of the dayThe wider the ring band, the tighter the fit How to measure your finger:1. Find a piece of paper (not wider than ¾)2. Wrap a piece […]

How well does your diamond dance in the light

wedding ring bands nigeria

How well does your diamond dance in the light? The answer lies in how it is cut. Cut is arguably the most crucial of the 4Cs when it comes to fire, sparkle and brilliance; it refers to the diamond’s proportions (how the diamond’s angles and facets relate to one another), symmetry (the precision of its […]

Tips on Choosing wedding/Engagement rings

Tips on Choosing wedding Engagement rings

Wedding Ring Education When choosing your wedding band, the most important considerations are comfort and compatibility or how well it matches the engagement ring. Also, when choosing your wedding band it is very important to go to a jeweler that you trust, that has many options, and that can display those options in a way […]

Jewellery Care Tips

Basic Home Care Instructions: There are some things that can be avoided to ensure many years of enjoyment from jewellery. For example, avoid interaction with chemicals. Some everyday chemical combinations can be harsh on gold and silver. Cleaning products can affect the surface of the jewellery robbing it of its natural sheen. It’s always a […]